DevSecOps / Site Reliability Engineer

  • Tech and Engineering
  • Gurgaon, India

DevSecOps / Site Reliability Engineer

Job description

Who are we?

Zomato is an online platform that is responsible for powering amazing dining experiences for our users daily both in home and whilst dining out. We started with a vision to ensure that no one ever has a bad meal! Over 10 years Zomato has steadily built both a search and discovery platform that fuels stable and growing transaction businesses. Today Zomato has multiple products and services that ensure our users have a great experience whilst improving the food industry.

The last 5 years is where most of Zomato’s growth has happened, our mission has also evolved to something exponentially greater than being a restaurant reviews and food delivery platform. We are already taking baby steps towards being the biggest farm to table food company in the world.

Every month, Zomato connects more than 52m users with 1.3m restaurants globally. Zomato continuously aims to serve a bigger purpose of providing better food for more people! In order to do this, we need to ensure that users have access to a wide assortment at quality restaurants that are available and accessible.

Zomans live by this, it’s our bible and we aim to change industry standards based on these four factors – Availability, Assortment, Accessibility and Quality. Users need food, they need variety, they need access to it and most importantly they need it to be high quality!

We are constantly developing a combination of a healthy user ecosystem, great content and an innovative product that makes us a game changer in our field – we are transforming our markets into kitchen-less spaces that give our users a choice of cooking because they want to, not because they have to! As an employee of Zomato, you will be helping us build this vision.

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Zomato's Momentum

  • Zomato annual revenues increased by 45% in FY'18
  • Zomato Gold launched in November 2017 and already has 3000+ restaurant partners that serve our ever-increasing subscriber base of more than 400,000 people.
  • We strive to constantly enhance our technology at a phenomenal pace
  • Zomato food ordering business has been growing at a considerable rate since inception and currently grows by 2x every 3 months!
  • To make sure we match the increasing number of orders with smooth delivery and customer satisfaction, we are supporting this function with a fleet of 50,000+ riders 

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We're looking for seasoned software engineers to join our high-caliber platform team to help us architect and maintain scalable systems which can handle millions of daily active users. We handle everything from data storage, to synchronisation and coordination of large server clusters, to providing a runtime environment for front end code. We are looking for candidates who share a passion for tackling complexity and building platforms that can scale through multiple orders of magnitude. We are focused on solving the hardest, most interesting challenges of developing software at scale without sacrificing stability, quality, velocity, or code health.


Zomato will be providing you with

As a Zoman, you will be immersed in a culture of people who take pride in their company and their ability to change the lives of millions of people daily. We place Zomato first in our daily tasks with a high level of honesty, ownership and judgment on a foundation of constant and real time feedback.

You will be challenged daily to be a better thinker and problem solve using a first principles approach.

We promise you, in addition to the quest for 0 bad meals, you will also have an infinite amount of interesting days as a Zoman – if you have passion and see yourself in our vision, go ahead and send in your application!


Here's what we are looking for 

  • At least 2 years of experience working in a Software Engineering
  • Excellent Problem solving skills and experience working with high availability, high performance systems
  • Implementing zero-downtime deployments in a load balanced multi-server environment and being responsive to off-hour emergencies and activities
  •  SRE/Platform team is responsible for the availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning of their service(s).
  • Experience working with infrastructure as code tools like Ansible / Chef / Puppet / Terraform
  • Experience working on MySQL, Solr, Cassandra, Memcache and PHP / Java / Golang
  • A strong background in Linux/Unix administration
  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services (experience with AWS eco-system would be a plus)
  • Practical knowledge of shell scripting and at least one scripting language (Python, Ruby, Perl)
  • Knowledge of IP networking, VPNs, DNS, load balancing and firewalls
  • Familiar with implementing Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment practices
  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals (Networking, Databases, Operating Systems)
  • Understanding of Service Oriented Architectures, Micro Services and Distributed Systems

Your typical day as a Zoman will look like

  • Design and build scalable, failure tolerant server architecture.
  • Automate management of multiple server MySQL, Redis and Cassandra clusters with failover and load balancing.
  • Design & develop auto scaling systems that optimise performance and cost
  • Develop continuous delivery for multiple platforms in production and staging environments
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues related to web services and mobile applications development & deployment
  • Leveraging current and cutting edge technologies while testing bleeding edge technologies for future use
  • Develop tools and processes to improve engineering team efficiency
  • Process automation and re-engineering
  • Perform regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure the operational health of the environment