General Manager - Online Ordering T2/T3 Cities

  • Operations
  • Gurgaon, India

General Manager - Online Ordering T2/T3 Cities

Job description

Who are we?

Zomato is an online platform that is responsible for powering amazing dining experiences for our users daily both in home and whilst dining out. We started with a vision to ensure that no one ever has a bad meal! Over 10 years Zomato has steadily built both a search and discovery platform that fuels stable and growing transaction businesses. Today Zomato has multiple products and services that ensure our users have a great experience whilst improving the food industry.

The last 5 years is where most of Zomato’s growth has happened, our mission has also evolved to something exponentially greater than being a restaurant reviews and food delivery platform. We are already taking baby steps towards being the biggest farm to table food company in the world.

Every month, Zomato connects more than 52m users with 1.3m restaurants globally. Zomato continuously aims to serve a bigger purpose of providing better food for more people! In order to do this, we need to ensure that users have access to a wide assortment at quality restaurants that are available and accessible.

Zomans live by this, it’s our bible and we aim to change industry standards based on these four factors – Availability, Assortment, Accessibility and Quality. Users need food, they need variety, they need access to it and most importantly they need it to be high quality!

We are constantly developing a combination of a healthy user ecosystem, great content and an innovative product that makes us a game changer in our field – we are transforming our markets into kitchen-less spaces that give our users a choice of cooking because they want to, not because they have to! As an employee of Zomato, you will be helping us build this vision.

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Zomato's Momentum

  • Zomato annual revenues increased by 45% in FY'18
  • Zomato Gold launched in November 2017 and already has 3000+ restaurant partners that serve our ever-increasing subscriber base of more than 400,000 people.
  • We strive to constantly enhance our technology at a phenomenal pace
  • Zomato food ordering business has been growing at a considerable rate since inception and currently grows by 2x every 3 months!
  • To make sure we match the increasing number of orders with smooth delivery and customer satisfaction, we are supporting this function with a fleet of 50,000+ riders

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How does this team contribute to Zomato?

Zomato Order / O2 business aims to achieve 2X growth in the next 12 months. We aim to provide the best online ordering experience to our customers while balancing the needs of our restaurants and logistics partners. City General managers will wear multiple hats - Sales, Account Management, Operations & Marketing to address unique challenges posed by each city

Zomato will be providing you with

As a Zoman, you will be immersed in a culture of people who take pride in their company and their ability to change the lives of millions of people daily. We place Zomato first in our daily tasks with a high level of honesty, ownership and judgment on a foundation of constant and real time feedback.

You will be challenged daily to be a better thinker and problem solve using a first principles approach.

We promise you, in addition to the quest for 0 bad meals, you will also have an infinite amount of interesting days as a Zoman – if you have passion and see yourself in our vision, go ahead and send in your application!


Here's what we are looking for (Technical Skills)

  • Should have 6+ years of experience with substantial experience in driving numbers, business development, account management and exposure to operations and marketing

  • Enjoys solving complex problems through analytical excellence and commercial acumen 

  • Has strong people skills with experience in managing and leading layered teams and budgets 

  • Proven track record of achieving targets - including planning, team management and execution of plans to achieve the desired business goals

Here's what we are looking for (Soft Skills)

  • Should possess – strong work ethic, willingness to get hands dirty and get stuff done 

  • Has good business judgment, strong prioritization skills, an unwavering focus, and the ability to multitask while working in a highly charged environment

Your typical day as a Zoman will look like this

  • Defining the strategy and executing it in on the ground for one of our high potential & core focus markets.

  • Leading a team of smart and passionate people towards building Zomato O2 business for the city

  • Owning and leading end to end city business and P&L for Zomato O2 (Online Ordering) business

  • Planning, strategizing, and executing operations to meet and exceed targets. This would also involve -

1. Defining, prioritizing and executing sustainable solutions for user and merchant growth

2. Owning  full stack of roles from Supply, Logistics, Product experience, Localised marketing and User growth

3. Working  closely with the central services team and solving for long and short term issues with sustainable solutions

4. Sustaining and growing revenue by new merchant acquisitions and retention

5. Building and leading a layered sales, operations and marketing team - formulating targets, priorities, incentive plans, driving recruitment, training and mentoring team members and building best practices replicable across cities and regions

  • To accomplish this we are looking for leaders with - an aptitude for problem solving, ability for astute decision making, and motivational and interpersonal skills