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Global Growth

Job description

Who are we?


Zomato is an online platform that is responsible for powering amazing dining experiences for our users daily both in home and whilst dining out. We started with a vision to ensure that no one ever has a bad meal! Over the last 10 years Zomato has built a platform that defines restaurant search and discovery, across the world. Today, Zomato has built several products and services that help users and restaurants engage in a seamless, convenient manner.


The last 5 years have particularly been an exciting time at Zomato, where we have built several industry-first products and a strong food delivery business. As an organisation, our broader vision it to become a farm to mouth company and are already taking baby steps towards it.


Every month, Zomato connects more than 90 million users with 1.3m restaurants globally.


We are constantly developing a combination of a healthy user ecosystem, great content and an innovative product that makes us a game changer in our field – we are transforming our markets into kitchen-less spaces that give our users a choice of cooking because they want to, not because they have to! As an employee of Zomato, you will be helping us build this vision.


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 Zomato: Key Highlights

  • Zomato annual revenues increased by 45% in FY'18
  • Zomato food ordering business has been growing at a considerable rate since inception and currently grows by 2x every 3 months!
  • To make sure we match the increasing number of orders with smooth delivery and customer satisfaction, we are supporting this function with a fleet of 80,000+ riders
  • Zomato Gold launched in November 2017 and already has 3000+ restaurant partners that serve our ever-increasing subscriber base of more than 400,000 people.
  • We strive to constantly enhance our technology at a phenomenal pace

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About the role:

  • Global growth team defines the core strategy and direction of Zomato's multiple businesses, working very closely with the business' leaders. You will be a part of the team that solves problems, which are critical to businesses:
    • Defining, designing and executing business strategy for new/existing businesses
    • Opening new markets, customer segments, or geographies for a multitude of products/services 
    • Owning and building nascent, early-stage businesses
    • Enhancing and managing customer experience in tech-human environment
    • Improving our logisitics capabilities etc
  • The role requires intense problem solving, and an ability to devise independent solutions
  • You will be expected to not just help provide strategic direction but also drive fast-paced execution, and continuous product/service enhancement
  • You will work closely with all relevant verticals - marketing, engineering, product - while taking ownership of many of these verticals for your products/services
  • You will be expected to be flexible about responsibilities that you take up, which will be determined based on the priorities of the organization
  • You will facilitate long term growth strategy and more immediate operational decisions for the business by providing fact based analysis, and practical recommendations

The role is based in Gurgaon.

The DNA of the Growth team is the ability to work across problem statements irrespective of business verticals and geographies, and solve these problems on the ground. You would very often find yourself solving for business challenges that you have not encountered for earlier. With astute problem solving skills and ability to breakdown (seemingly) large problems into smaller and practical solvable pieces; enables you to ask the right questions, bring big ideas to the table, and can elevate the Zomato brand beyond the everyday. 


Here's what we're looking for:

  • 2 to 6 years of experience in a ‘Tier 1 management consulting + industry role’ or ‘operations heavy role in a start-up’. We’re hiring across multiple levels in this role
  • Stellar communication skills, strong analytical bent of mind and structured thought process
  • Have an action-bias; solve problems, execute and iterate, if required
  • Ability to manage multiple projects & priorities simultaneously
  • Comfortable with ambiguity / chaos and unpredictable working hours

In short, if you are looking for an opportunity to be part of a fast moving cultural set up, and be on the driver's seat of Zomato's growth, this is the role for you.