Logistics Manager - Bangalore

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  • Bangalore, India

Logistics Manager - Bangalore

Job description


Who are we?

Zomato as an organization has grown and scaled multi-fold over the last few years. We are committed to bringing the best food to everyone; no matter who they are and what they can afford.

To know more about what’s cooking at Zomato, here is our Annual Report FY’19 and this is what life at Zomato looks like. Creating and re-inventing has been a key practice at Zomato and at this point we require folks who can help us keep pace with the dynamic ecosystem we are all a part of. Check out our blog for all the latest updates.


About the role

The Marketing team at Zomato works towards understanding the market around and creating a market for its customers. This involves a crucial task of identifying and classifying its customer base and catering to its conscious and sub-conscious choices. The CRM role would, thus, involve customer segmentation, analysis, and focused targeting to drive better growth and scale. 


Here's what you'll do day-to-day
Ensuring a seamless delivery experience is an integral part of ordering food online. Zomato aims to bring the best in class delivery experience to users. This role will be working to build a great food delivery fleet.

Top of the funnel/On-boarding
• Prepare hiring targets for the city basis the demand growth plan
• Identify various sources to hire Riders and train them as per the projections and TAT
• Ideate and execute multiple BTL activities for hiring Riders
• Assess geo-expansion opportunities

Support and Engagement
• Build efficiency in support processes for improving Rider experience
• Analyse Rider performance metrics and drive supply team for controlling parameters
• Run retention programs for Riders in a cost-effective manner
• Design and send out Rider communication daily
• Resolve Rider issues within specified time

Quality and Payout
• Define Rider service quality parameters for better customer and merchant experience
• Monitor key quality metrics at Rider level and ensure they are under tolerance level
• Run exercises for filtering delivery executive for non-adherence to quality standards
• Design the payout and incentive structure


  • Engineering graduates with 4 to 5 years of experience in operations, consulting, banking, or consumer goods

  • Exhibits high analytical skills with stronghold on excel

  • Proven people management experience

  • Ability to manage and mentor a highly dynamic and young breed of 5-6 team members.

  • Outstanding interpersonal, leadership and public speaking skills