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Sales Representative Lisbon

Job description

Zomato | Front Line Sales Representative


Zomato is the world’s largest aggregator for restaurants

Every month, Zomato connects 45 million users with 1.3m restaurants across 24 countries.

Our users generate and contribute more than 2 million photos, reviews and ratings on our platform monthly. 


A combination of a healthy user ecosystem, great content and an innovative product is what makes us the world's largest restaurant search and discovery platform, which has had a phenomenal positive impact on the food industry.


In the 24 countries where  Zomato is operational, we currently have an on-ground presence in 10 of them. In these markets, Zomato is powerful enough to shape the demand patterns for restaurants and we continue to grow in consumer popularity. Our goal is to be “the only food app you will ever need”  and to become the largest food company on earth.


Over the next few years we aspire to build an engine that allows our users to have access to an affordable assortment of high quality meals to eat out or order in. We are working towards the idea of a kitchen-less world where-in most people should have access to great and healthy meals at the same price or cheaper than the cost of preparing them at home.


Zomato's Momentum:

  • Zomato annual revenues increased by 45% of FY'18

  • Launched Zomato Gold November 2017 and currently have 150 000 subscribers

  • February 2018 launched new apps for Android and IOS and have significantly increased engagement and advertising results for our merchants

  • Zomato food ordering business has increased to 5 million orders per month from 3.5 million orders in 6 weeks

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The Role:

Zomato creates value for restaurants by providing targeted advertising campaigns to Zomato users on behalf of restaurants in order improve their businesses. As a Zomato front line sales representative, you would be directly responsible for selling the products that generate results for our merchant partners and in turn drive revenue for Zomato.


As the outward face of Zomato you would be challenged daily to develop your sales pipeline by presenting Zomato’s products to restaurant partners, managing their digital campaigns and account to ensure continued and renewed success for both Zomato and the restaurants.


Our Zomato sales representatives have the highest work ethic and are driven by results in a highly competitive environment. They represent the can do attitude of Zomato and we love to celebrate their successes.


The Responsibilities of  Zomato Sales Rep:

  • Sell Zomato products to an identified lead base

  • Present solutions to restaurants in order to help them reach their marketing objectives

  • Monitor and develop running campaigns for their clients in order to ensure continued success if the campaigns they run with us.



This role reports to:

  • Area Sales Manager

How qualitative success is measured in this role:

  • Ability to sell digital products and explain digital results

  • Ability to reach out to warm and cold leads and convert to business partnerships

  • Great communication ability, both written and verbal

  • Confident and tenacious

  • Positive attitude

  • Able to identify a business need and fit the Zomato products to that solution

How quantitative success is measured in this role:

  • Sales and Acquisitions

    • Number of new client acquisitions

    • Value of client acquisitions

  • Account management

    • Total value of client base built and maintained

    • Total value of revenue lost per month

Qualifications and experience:

  • +2 years sales experience (Junior to Mid Level) 

  • You must be based in Lisbon to apply for this role. 

Bonus stuff:

  • Digital sales experience

  • Fluent English 

  • The ability to impress us